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Spring 1979


  • Golden Zoo is golden in name only! : HSUS investigators close down decrepit roadside zoo in Florida
  • Two societies newly accredited
  • ABC exposes plight of wild horses
  • Beauty and the beasts (Dr. Andrew Rowan)
  • Trophy hunters thwarted -- for now
  • '79 HSUS Annual Conference to be held in Orlando, Florida, November 7-10
  • Run to death: when drugs and racing mix, it's the horse that loses
  • Mail order mayhem: HSUS seeks ban on blowgun sales
  • Whale quotas lowered at IWC meeting in Tokyo
  • A talk with President Carter
  • Alaskan Wolf kill halted
  • Animal Experimentation report released
  • How to stop cruelty by living humanely (Dr. Michael Fox)
  • Uncle Sam's anti-coyote crusade: predator control programs spread carnage in the West
  • Gulf States Director transferred to Rocky Mountain Office
  • New Director appointed for Gulf States region
  • Rowland testifies to ban trap in Indiana
  • HSUS opposing move to allow trapping in Florida
  • Puppy mills are major source of cruelty in Midwest
  • West Coast Regional Office steps us visits to local shelters
  • Connecticut state spay/neuter clinic to open
  • How To: shop for pet food (Dr. Michael Fox)
  • Budget cuts threaten animal programs
  • Trapping bills before Congress
  • Pets for the elderly
  • States take action on euthanasia
  • Cruelty conviction in Tennessee
  • Legal issue raised in cruelty case
  • Grand Canyon burros threatened again
  • Elk farm opposed
  • Fake dog catcher spotted
  • President's Perspective: Do you eat meat? (John A. Hoyt)