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Summer 1979


  • Fighting the fur trade (Margaret Morrison)
  • Puppies for profit
  • Beaver rescued from oil slick
  • Four more states ban decompression
  • Maryland Society accredited
  • A whale of a protest
  • HSUS opens Animal Control Academy
  • Humaneness in Action: A Heritage for the Future
  • Senate investigates wild horse program
  • The Humane Society of the United States 1978 Annual Report
  • Midwest Office sponsors Missouri symposium on animal problems
  • Southeast Office aids starving animals
  • Winter Olympics could cause animal problems in Lake Placid
  • Mourning dove still safe in Ohio
  • Two horse cases prosecuted in Texas
  • "Shelter" keeper found guilty of neglect
  • Dog shootings in Wyoming investigated
  • Equipment sent to aid gorilla patrols
  • Humane education: everyone's a part of the act (Kathy Savesky)
  • How to help animals through state laws
  • Justice Department funding
  • Laboratory animals
  • Whale moratorium
  • Humanitarian victorious in New York: pound seizure law repealed
  • Spay/Neuter Clinic advertising
  • Wild horses and burros
  • President's Perspective: Effective animal control: a model for local governments (John A. Hoyt)