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Fall 1979


  • President's Perspective: Humaneness in action: a heritage for the future (John A. Hoyt)
  • Jojoba beans
  • Carter notifies HSUS of whale protection action
  • Cold weather, cold pet?
  • Tellico -1, Snail darter -0
  • Before looking for a puppy ...
  • Animals in the air
  • Don't buy fur
  • A breakthrough for the whales (Congressman Paul. N. McCloskey, Jr., California)
  • Investigative Report: a report on some of the cases and areas of animal abuse currently under inquiry by The HSUS Department of Field Services and Investigations
  • HSUS makes first grants from Alice Morgan Wright -- Edith Goode Fund
  • Wild animal "breeding farm" closed in Florida
  • West Coast Office discourages raccoons as pets
  • Euthanasia workshop highlights Great Lakes activities
  • Oil spill threatens wildlife on Gulf seashore
  • Scar rule being enforced in Missouri
  • Albany workshop successful despite energy crisis
  • Montana added to Rock Mountain Region
  • Laboratory animals
  • Justice Department funding, update
  • Endangered species authorization
  • Greyhound training
  • Animals in schools
  • Pribilof seals
  • BLM roundup of Challis Horses thwarted again
  • Turtle farmers seek to overturn F.D.A. ban