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Winter 1986


  • The last will and testament of an extremely distinguished dog (John A. Hoyt)
  • Stern and embarrassed
  • Texas alternative
  • Pound-seizure "blues"
  • Programmed to win
  • Cross this toy off your holiday gift list!
  • Carson criticizes fur fashion
  • The HSUS 1985 Annual Conference: A Life-style for the 80's
  • 1985 Resolutions
  • Veterinarians speak with a new voice for animal rights
  • "Pet Action Line" now on commercial television stations
  • "Living With Animals" replaces "Pet Action Line" on PBS
  • Fall actions see trapping's downfall
  • Wildlife nongame check-off programs: are they working? (John W. Grandy and Guy R. Hodge)
  • Vicious dogs: communities, humane societies, and owners struggle with a growing problem (Dr. Randall Lockwood)
  • Pennsylvania Head-Injury Lab, under fire, is closed indefinitely
  • EEC keeps its doors closed to seal pup products
  • U.S. scientist backs away from Icelandic whaling research
  • PETS program sets sights on objectives
  • NAAHE completes a busy fall workshop schedule
  • Institute publishes second annual volume
  • NIH animal-protection provisions hurdle veto, become law
  • Special thanks
  • Encouraging news for the endangered
  • Entangled?
  • More maneuverings for wild horses
  • "Farm Bill" would help lab animals
  • Pickup proposals
  • Fund-raising fun
  • Dantzler advises in Illinois
  • Oklahoma "networks"
  • Decompression campaign pays off
  • Field notes
  • The real, cruel thing
  • Ferret problems
  • "Critter Car" comes to N.Y.
  • Dog racing proposal draws criticism
  • Testifying against "pound seizure"
  • A day on dogfighting
  • New coordinator named
  • Putting what they learned to good use
  • Support needed
  • Seizure the issue
  • Beware of breeding/lease/purchase contracts
  • Michigan dove hunt stopped
  • Lackawanna Clinic suit progresses