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Spring 1986


  • Dian Fossey--a remembrance (John A. Hoyt)
  • WSPA aids sheep
  • Magazine of the Year
  • Cold weather comfort
  • Grants for good
  • Awards are wonderful
  • Food for thought
  • One small step for animals
  • Pet-facilitated therapy grows up: many humane organizations are reevaluating their role in PFT (Randall Lockwood, Ph.D.)
  • Dian Fossey: a tribute
  • Moving nature off its course: commercially manufactured hormone threatens welfare of dairy cattle (Dr. Michael W. Fox)
  • The layman's guide to alternatives
  • S.I.S. (Patty Finch)
  • There's more than one way to speak out for animals (Ann Church)
  • One person can make a difference
  • Racing on Indian lands
  • Court stops park trapping
  • $0 to protect, $10 million to kill
  • Trapped in the Senate
  • Two laws, good news
  • Congratulations and appreciation
  • From Russia, with fur
  • FWS alert
  • The fight for "standing"
  • Why we comment
  • New office opened
  • Good news in Ohio
  • University maneuver faulted
  • Four states, seven bills
  • Spring training--and beyone
  • Stern treatment
  • Speaking out at the Swamp
  • Zoo watch
  • California county bans trap
  • Another academy
  • USDA files complaint
  • Leadership session coming to Sacramento
  • Rodeo opposed
  • Getting together
  • Gaining momentum
  • New territory
  • Dog and pony shows opposed
  • Coyote "bounty" bill vetoed
  • Virginia Supreme Court rules in vets' favor
  • A must read
  • Liability insurance for humane societies
  • Veal lawsuit dismissed