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Fall 1986


  • A rare opportunity (John A. Hoyt)
  • James Herriot awarded Joseph Wood Krutch Medal (John A. Hoyt)
  • Working together to protect and preserve (Phyllis V. Roberts)
  • Lending a hand to wild birds: threats to the wild bird population--and how you can help
  • Backyard sanctuary
  • HSUS President John A. Hoyt to head World Society for the Protection of Animals
  • Working at the roots (Edward S. Duvin)
  • A unified voice for animals (Ann Church)
  • Starting a federation
  • Revitalizing a federation
  • "Studying" whales to death (Campbell Plowden)
  • NAAHE adopts new strategy against biased materials
  • Publications, testimony are highlights of institute's summer
  • Monitoring the Pribilof subsistence seal hunt (Frantz Dantzler)
  • First step for alternatives
  • Pound seizure bill battered
  • ESA stalled
  • Good news for AWA
  • Strong suit for animals
  • A-Luring
  • Between gravy train and dogfood can
  • Fair events are foul
  • Good-bye, bad zoo
  • And then there was one
  • Oklahoma victory
  • Border patrol
  • Pound seizure fight pays off
  • Help wanted
  • Reaping what we sow
  • S.O.S. needs help
  • Fighting the trap
  • "Nuisance" species discussed
  • Focus on racing
  • Trap ban trial ends
  • Un-fair
  • Housing surprise
  • Utah Supreme Court upholds constitutionality of boycott
  • Refuge suit setback
  • South African billboard case ended successfully
  • The bird trade's hidden victims: thousands of wild-caught birds perish during capture and transport (Ann Church)
  • The bird trade: where it all starts