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Spring 1987


  • James Herriot Award (John A. Hoyt)
  • Magazine of the Year
  • Fur is for death?
  • Why not settle for skiing?
  • Standing up to be counted
  • Beyond the genetic threshold
  • Africa bound
  • Return of the Roman Circus?
  • "Reason for surrender" : a shelter worker behind the receiving counter faces a bewildering, often frustrating, litany of explanations from pet owners giving up their companion animals (Steve Grunow)
  • State--subsidized spaying and neutering: taking a giant step forward in New Jersey (Ann Church)
  • A magical place called Earth (Edward S. Duvin)
  • HSUS hog, hen campaign gets a great start!
  • Joan R. Blue
  • Viewers talk back to "Living With Animals"
  • Hearings, reports, press conferences promote conflicting views of seal populations
  • When your pet can't go along: leaving our dog or cat in the care of a boarding kennel, pet sitter, or veterinarian may be the best way to enjoy a worry-free trip (Dr. Randall Lockwood and Deborah Salem)
  • Asking others to empathize with animals (Dr. Michael W. Fox)
  • NIH's chimpanzee-breeding program: bad news for primates
  • Suffolk County: anatomy of a victory (Dr. John W. Grandy)
  • "Dear NAAHE ... "
  • Institute hails veal crate ban in Great Britain
  • Getting the drift
  • The budget's bad news
  • Keeping Ozarks trap-free
  • Kangaroo clamor
  • Wildlife watch
  • Keeping the heat on pound seizure
  • No refuge
  • Project WILD fails
  • Zoo scheduled to close
  • Puppy mill closed
  • Workshops past and present
  • Georgia advances
  • Hearing in Hillsborough
  • Keeping watch
  • "Anger and sorrow"
  • Swamped, chapter thirteen
  • Staving off 1080
  • Uniting against fighting
  • Trapped in Texas?
  • We can help?
  • To protect the mountain lions
  • Past and present
  • Speaking up
  • Brought to justice
  • Fight no more
  • No drugs and live lures!
  • Cruel racket
  • Getting together to oppose bunching
  • Tracking thefts
  • HUD issues final Pets-in-Housing rules
  • Whose National Forest?
  • Turtle-ban enforcement intensifies