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Fall 1987


  • The making of an annual conference (John A. Hoyt)
  • Uproar over pit bulls
  • Dogs in toyland
  • They've moved
  • Save "Seabert the Seal"
  • Progress for fur seals
  • When the movement is the message: for dogs, actions speak louder than words (Ann Smalley)
  • Research loophole tightens for whalers (Campbell Plowden)
  • The HSUS urges everyone to "Be a P.A.L."
  • Humane education: objections overruled (Patty A. Finch)
  • Here today, gone tomorrow? (Dr. Susan S. Lieberman)
  • What is being done, and what can you do?
  • CITES meets in Canada (Dr. John W. Grandy)
  • Morning light (Edward S. Duvin)
  • Animal groups unite to oppose driftnet permit (Campbell Plowden)
  • All hail S. 1457
  • Buying valuable time
  • A trio of thanks
  • Aiding charitable hospitals
  • Refuge progress
  • ESA: one step closer
  • Don't forget puppy mills!
  • Bennett boon for calves!
  • A deadly ride
  • Cockfighters win
  • Buried alive
  • Outrageous research
  • A race to the polls
  • Hotline for animals
  • Trappers targeted
  • Vicious dog legislation
  • Zoo closes
  • Pets OK'd
  • Bill killed again
  • Wild bird bills
  • The best foundation
  • Long Island unites
  • Regulations revised
  • Animal-sacrifice cult
  • Vicious dogs
  • Justice done
  • Advanced academy at Marin
  • Sea otters relocated
  • Death to the horses
  • Rancher faces fines
  • Changes at NAAHE
  • Institute fights on several fronts
  • IRS rethinking lobbying regulations
  • Limiting volunteer liability