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Summer 1988


  • Getting the facts straight--Part II (John A. Hoyt)
  • A timely reminder
  • Dr. Grandy joins NADCAC
  • In memorium
  • Olympic concerns
  • Torturers sentenced
  • Hunting in the classroom?
  • Center convenes conference
  • Winning court battles for wildlife: The HSUS hails refuge, transport, and fur seal decisions
  • Making a more humane choice: The HSUS focuses on selected farm animal products
  • Road shows spotlight deer, "nuisance" species: The HSUS brings experts together to solve wildlife problems
  • Protecting animals around the world: IUCN grapples with conservation and animal-welfare issues
  • Rocky Mountain bust: fighting dogs seized in Colorado
  • Killing with kindness (Dr. Randall Lockwood and Barbara Cassidy)
  • Home of misery
  • Culture & Animals Foundation: creating a climate for artistic expression
  • Dark days in Shelbyville
  • Wildlife in transit: the HSUS fights a cruel trade (Dr. Susan S. Lieberman)
  • The facts behind the wildlife trade
  • 1988 Annual Conference of the Humane Society of the United States: Animal Justice ... Political Reality
  • Carriage horses: yea or nay?
  • No wonder
  • Bill on hold
  • New Jersey's new regs
  • New Jersey is a P.A.L.
  • Douglas county seminar
  • Good bill fails
  • Shelter under scrutiny
  • Puppy-mill law for Kansas
  • Third time around
  • Officer resigns
  • Exotic-animal auctions
  • Recent graduates
  • Legislative update
  • Violence begets violence
  • Arkansans for animals
  • Three in Louisiana
  • Pageant protested
  • Investigators in demand
  • Cockfighters plead guilty
  • Double protest
  • New law
  • Protect puppy-mill pups
  • Animal patent granted
  • Testimony heard
  • Work to end drugs in racing
  • Pet Protection Act status
  • Save the elephants
  • Spay.neuter clinic victory
  • Student rights