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Fall 1988


  • Responding to your response (John A. Hoyt)
  • Teacher of the Year announced
  • Center garners endorsements
  • Dunda's days of pain: elephant's treatment in San Diego stirs controversy
  • The HSUS launches "The Shame of Fur" campaign: celebrities, fashion models help in media efforts
  • Research Whaling continues: animal protectionists plot strategy to outwit whaling nations
  • Throwing a lifeline to dolphins: can a new lawsuit stop the slaughter?
  • Santeria: alive and well in the U.S.A. : HSUS begins a crackdown on a bloody cult (Sandra Erickson)
  • Is animal sacrifice legal?
  • 1987 Annual Report
  • A rebuttal to Dr. Robert White (and Reader's Digest)
  • The man behind the article
  • HSUS works to prevent the taking of chimpanzees from the wild
  • A rare day in June (Sandy Rowland)
  • Dealer still in business
  • Nuisance-wildlife seminar
  • Off Scot-free?
  • Shelter visits
  • Zoo visits
  • Shelter investigation
  • Drug ban requested
  • Free videotapes
  • Humane Symposium
  • Teamwork
  • Giving shelter
  • Peoria protest
  • Rabies bill
  • Health care
  • Shelter closes
  • Complaints investigated
  • MMPA re-authorization
  • Federal update
  • First-round win in ESA suit
  • New Jersey trap appeal victory
  • Graham case resolved?