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Spring 1985


  • HSUS welcomes new board members
  • Dogwriter's results resolution lives
  • Pâté resolution lives
  • Rescue for circus chimps
  • The bird wars (Guy R. Hodge)
  • Whales win in court, protestors target JAL
  • The HSUS seal campaign -- a busy winter, a hopeful spring
  • Does humane education really work? NAAHE's three-year study yields answers and more questions (Bill DeRosa)
  • Cosmetic and product-safety testing: How many more animals must suffer?
  • Understanding the psychology of exploitation (Dr. Michael W. Fox)
  • The HSUS wildlife-protection model bill (Nancy Blaney and Ann Church)
  • Rabies: an age-old disease finds new life -- second part of a two-part series (Guy R. Hodge)
  • Institute activities include publications, research, speaking events
  • NAAHE announces a new director
  • No to feed drugs
  • AWA enforcement axed?
  • ESA reauthorization
  • Horse roundups begin
  • New, expanded office opens
  • Regional workshop success
  • Decompression halt
  • Date change
  • New year, new efforts
  • Knudsen case update
  • ... and in Nevada
  • Coalition challenges auctions
  • Western humane educators meet
  • Academy comes to Oregon
  • Setback for Crane Beach
  • "Taming" Project Wild
  • Great Swamp protested
  • N.Y. reviews WILD
  • Hope for oil-spilled birds
  • Huron Valley spay/neuter clinic ruling
  • Greate Teton Elk suit
  • Refuge hunting attacked