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Fall 1985


  • President's Perspective: Accreditation becomes our PETS program (John A. Hoyt)
  • A new look
  • Less suffering for beauty
  • Move over, Santa
  • Cast-off cat goes to Governor's mansion
  • Bells ring for HSUS
  • New look for "Pet Action Line"
  • Research granted
  • Animal-Rights Run
  • Update: slave traders sidetracked
  • Art, animal welfare, and the Congressional community meet on Capitol Hill
  • PETS: a new program emphasizes the people who make animal control work (Deborah L. Reed)
  • New program, new Director
  • The HSUS Standards for an Effective Animal-Sheltering and --Control Facility
  • Whaling Moratorium: an agonizing step away (Campbell Plowden)
  • Pilot whale hunt attacked
  • Pain, outrage, and unrest at the University of Pennsylvania (Dr. John McArdle)
  • The Pribilof Seal War: animal welfare wins a battle (John W. Grandy)
  • Eyewitness on St. Paul (Nancy Wallace)
  • Is air transport safe for companion animals? (Deborah Dasch)
  • Animal-control accord signals new era of cooperation
  • The Siletz Saga : animal-welfare organizations and government officials try to close shoestring operation
  • Eleanor Seiling, 1907-1985
  • Institute offers information on T-61
  • New teaching materials have wildlife theme
  • One step from the dogfood can
  • House gives nod to AWA
  • Capitol Hill makes right move
  • Summer champions
  • FWS bird quotas opposed
  • Action needed from USDA
  • More training due soon
  • Academy, academy ...
  • Open-door plan
  • Newly coordinated
  • "Trade Days" -- "Dog Days"
  • Saying "no" in San Antonio
  • Oklahoma fails
  • Watching can be costly
  • Dark day for hunting foes
  • Dogfighter jailed
  • Another round in Florida
  • Good-bye, greyhounds
  • Scientific response
  • For the birds
  • Governor not fooled
  • Calling all New Englanders
  • WILD Vermont
  • Veterinarians sue to close spay-neuter clinic
  • Ohio Bucking Strap Law upheld by Court of Appeals
  • Deceptive practices charged in White Veal suit
  • Lacey Act violator gets fifteen years