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Fall 1984


  • President's Perspective: A strategy of silence (John A. Hoyt)
  • A "Frontline" first
  • Looking to the future
  • Oh boy, soy!
  • New home for Gina
  • HSUS challenges greyhound industry
  • Zoo center of Atlanta uproar
  • Getting the most for your convention dollars (Georganne Keppler)
  • Livestock transportation: too much cruelty, too little industry concern
  • Livestock transportation: a legislative review
  • You can eat humanely
  • The year before "The Moratorium" (Patricia Forkan)
  • USDA "launders" study showing calves suffer on factory farms (M.W. Fox)
  • The Pribilof Seal Hunt: an eyewitness report (John W. Grandy)
  • New investigator proves valuable to Mid-Atlantic region
  • Toronto "Festival for Animals" attracts crowds
  • "Pet Action Line" update
  • Working toward a global humane strategy
  • Another hunt allowed on Loxahatchee Refuge?
  • Outcry against experimental psychology intensifies
  • HSUS protests migratory bird decisions
  • Institute forecasts no change in government Farm Animal Welfare policy
  • NAAHE looks forward to new addition
  • The first step for EPA
  • HSUS moves to thwart NRA
  • Pound seizure update
  • Thumbs up for Brown bill
  • Appropriations update
  • House trapping drama
  • Changes at one of ten
  • In the know
  • Another dogfight law
  • Bullfight threat
  • Schools face lab charges
  • Sea otter haven sought
  • Cal. legislative wrap-up
  • Solution for Silver Springs
  • Good news for S.C.
  • Slow motion on rabbits
  • Four zoos seen in summer
  • Trapping foes target 1985
  • Good news for Ruby Lake
  • Seal suit lost
  • New Mexico lawsuit
  • Rodeo restriction sought
  • 1080 maneuver