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Spring 1982


  • President’s Perspective: Who speaks for animals? (John A. Hoyt)
  • Another spring
  • Silver Spring update
  • Seal ban in sight
  • Survey success
  • Canine kudos
  • Typo revealed
  • "No veal this meal" : The HSUS public-awareness campaign draws national attention to the plight of milk-fed veal calves
  • 1981 annual photography contest winners announced
  • Wild horses and a tarnished dream: eleven years after passage of the act designed to protect them, wild horses face a government treat to trim their numbers and send thousands to an uncertain fate
  • MMPA given new life
  • 1080 update
  • Grandy testifies for ESA
  • AWA budget axed
  • Setting the agenda
  • Four cheers
  • Lab changes sought
  • Capitol rally headlines second Day of the Seal
  • The anti-cat cult? : a rash of anti-cat books prompts an emotional response from cat lovers and feline-phobes alike (Julie Rovner)
  • Campaigning for laboratory animals (Patricia Forkan)
  • The HSUS cleans up at the dogfights
  • Bunching decision upheld
  • Spring assault
  • Dommers named Director
  • Trap ban sought
  • Pound-seizure end?
  • Bunny Bop blows up
  • The Endangered Species Act: are your officials representing your views? (John W. Grandy)
  • Tax deductions and non-itemizers
  • Watt and BLM sued
  • IRS clinic ruling
  • HSUS opposes USDA move