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Fall 1982


  • President's Perspective: A reformation in the making (John A. Hoyt)
  • Brains discuss pain
  • What a neighborhood
  • New stamp debuts
  • Are cats smarter than dogs? : No, but neither are dogs smarter than cats. It's all in how you look at intelligence and at each animal's unique qualities. (Julie Rovner)
  • The "impossible" achieved: the IWC votes for a total ban on commercial whaling (Patricia Forkan)
  • The HSUS co-publishes new Schweitzer book
  • Constructing a temporary ark: zoos and private landowners have designed a new program to breed endangered species on former game ranches (Sue Pressman)
  • The Everglades deer massacre ... and its aftermath (John W. Grandy)
  • HSUS at White House
  • Opposing FTC threats
  • No progress on S. 1043
  • Bill to help laboratory animals withstands House test
  • Trap hearings cancelled
  • Wild horse maneuvers
  • Ban-ished
  • Battle over Back Bay
  • Predator control offensive
  • Institute enjoys productive summer
  • NAAHE expands services to educators
  • Texas races nixed
  • Puppy-mill protest
  • LA laws pass
  • Conference on exotics
  • No to rodeo for Dough
  • Community studies completed
  • Trap Ban bill fails
  • Flash
  • Chicago battle
  • Fighting force
  • Dogfighters sentenced
  • In-fighting
  • Death Tank ban
  • Great Swamp protest
  • HSUS cries fowl
  • New area office opened
  • Vet Clinic rulings reported
  • Vagueness challenge rejected
  • HSUS challenges government Hunting policy


  • Releasing pets for research: opposition mounts to "pound seizure"
  • How you can protect pets from research
  • Twenty years of effort -- and failure -- at America's regional primate centers (Dr. Andrew Rowan)
  • The HSUS supports mobilization against primate centers
  • The saga of the Silver Spring monkeys: Taub conviction upheld
  • Taub NIH grant stopped
  • Animal experimentation: how necessary -- and how moral? (Dr. M.W. Fox)