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Winter 1983


  • President's Perspective: Mobilizing for animals / John A. Hoyt
  • Hassled hunters
  • Another round on whales
  • Dolphins face disaster
  • B.C. bans leghold trap
  • A new assault on rodeo: the HSUS launches a grassroots effort to end animal abuse in an all-American sport / Julie Rovner
  • The hunt that wasn't: the HSUS plays a major role in halting the National Zoo deer hunt
  • The veterinary profession & the Humane Society: are their differences irreconcilable? / Deborah Salem
  • APHIS Report confirms HSUS puppy-mill findings: reinspections by senior staff reveal violations of the Animal Welfare Act
  • 1983 -- The Year of the Seal?
  • Countdown to April 24: The HSUS joins the mobilization for animals and its mass mobilization against primate centers
  • "Protecting Animals in Today's World": The HSUS 1982 annual conference combined information, debate, and dialogue during a week filled with New England flavor
  • "Design for Rainbows" : Excerpts from the keynote address of Amy Freeman Lee
  • 1982 Resolutions
  • Black duck suit doesn't halt hunting season
  • Back again in '83?
  • Close call for House lab bill
  • At last -- A Senate lab bill
  • More APHIS funds sought
  • Thank you and goodbye
  • House holds racing hearings
  • Time marches on
  • Companion-animal and farm-animal issues highlight Institute's autumn
  • NAAHE emphasizes teachers' meetings
  • Zoo visits reveal woes
  • Staff speaks in N.J.
  • 1983 workshop scheduled
  • Animal-Control Academy
  • Better dog law due
  • Left behind
  • Pound-seizure hope
  • Conn. fund new gun
  • No veal in San Diego
  • More Sakach studies
  • The elderly and their pets