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Spring 1983


  • President’s Perspective: Whereas, we are responsible... / John A. Hoyt
  • Black Sea bulletin
  • Ever popular
  • Dog writer results
  • Animal Health Care Conference Mobilization for Animals demonstration against Primate Centers
  • Do tenants face a petless future? / Julie Rovner
  • Showdown at CITES: preserving protections won for the world's endangered species is the goal of this year's meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species / John W. Grandy
  • Canada cancels seal pup clubbings
  • Persuading the private sector to act humanely: The HSUS uses many tactics to convince private industry to respond to animal-welfare concerns / Peter Lovenheim
  • Iceland capitulates to pressure against whaling
  • How to avoid fish from whaling nations
  • Dear Diary ... two weeks at the HSUS's Animal Control Academy
  • 1983 HSUS Annual Conference - "All One Family"
  • House hears HR 6928
  • A bad beginning
  • Appropriations for '84
  • Asking less for Primate Centers
  • Fighting falconry
  • Housing for pets
  • Horse racing surprise
  • Being heard
  • ISAP winter events
  • New NAAHE publications available
  • Open for business
  • Snakebit?
  • Pig reprieve
  • Christmas cruelty
  • Pound-ed
  • Really Kean
  • Trap ban in Somerset
  • Nine years' running
  • Penn. Dog Law passes
  • Legislative update
  • Academy alert
  • Rodeo action
  • Deja vu
  • New England Conference
  • Legislative update
  • Out of control
  • $2955 a Bill?
  • Elderly could get relief
  • HSUS launches attack on EPA actions
  • Pribilof Seal "Harvest"
  • HSUS appeals Duck ruling