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Fall 1983


  • President’s Perspective: Let the dialogue continue / John A. Hoyt
  • Zoo fallout
  • PSA on the way
  • Bear reward
  • A response to a response
  • Nix for Orcas
  • Moving towards 1986: "Whales Alive" conference and IWC meeting chart whales' hopeful future / Patricia Forkan
  • The North American Black Duck: twenty-eight years of failure in American wildlife management / John Grandy
  • The HSUS introduces two new periodicals this fall
  • Kind News promises a bright new approach for children
  • The Animal Activist Alert rushes legislative news to activist members
  • Keeping racing out of your state / Ann Church
  • "Arnett vs. Loxahatchee" : a fragile refuge in South Florida will be changed forever by the administration's short-sighted policy on wildlife refuges / Jennifer Lewis
  • Veterinarians and humane societies: innovative programs for future consideration / Bill Brothers
  • ISAP initiates farm animal husbandry study
  • New faces at NAAHE
  • APHIS revived
  • Trapping action succeeds
  • HSUS dogs in the military
  • HSUS protests Dove Hunt
  • Summer success for pets
  • Kangaroos in the U.S.
  • Keep the letters coming...
  • Thanks to The Hill
  • Pound seizure at crossroads
  • Local aid
  • Discovering rodeo cruelty
  • Bloody passage
  • No to Dope Study
  • Texas victories
  • Humanely speaking
  • Roadside woes
  • Community approach
  • Southern seminar
  • Big catch in Illinois
  • Legislative wrap-up
  • Working on the workshops
  • Hope for Moose Vote
  • N.J. bills face action
  • Dove protection sought
  • How to correct current abuses
  • Taub conviction overturned
  • Timber Wolf threatened
  • The HSUS attacks glueboards