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Publication Date

Spring 1980


  • President's Perspective: International Journal for the Study of Animal Problems (John A. Hoyt)
  • Tuna aggregation could be key to porpoise protection
  • Take two terriers and call me in the morning
  • It's no ordinary ordinance
  • HSUS and 'Lou Grant' take on dogfighting
  • What happens in 'the pit' shouldn't happen to a dog
  • Animal factories: assembly line livestock is big business, but animals are not machines (Dr. Michael Fox)
  • Veal calves -- young victims of farm technology
  • Fox on factory farming
  • To find a good home (Phyllis Wright)
  • Humane attitudes predominate in Yale study
  • HSUS request to observe seal slaughter denied
  • Would you like to volunteer? (Susan Bury Stauffer)
  • Legislation is focus for Great Lakes activity
  • Manatees included in Southeast Office's concern
  • Improvements noted at some Rocky Mountain zoos
  • Winter Olympics easy on the animals
  • "Turkey Drop" called off in face of protest
  • Felines left out in the cold after zoo plans fail
  • Idaho bans decompression chamber
  • Marine Mammal Protection Act -- Tuna/Porpoise Regulations
  • The Humane Method of Slaughter Act Amendments of 1978
  • Animal Welfare Act -- Marine Mammal Regulations
  • N.Y. Environmental Agency helps filmmakers avoid law
  • New York legal precedent
  • Judge protects laying hens
  • D.C. Gambling Initiative to include dog racing