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Download Cardiac Arrest Stunning of Livestock and Poultry / T. Grandin (435 KB)

Download The Definition, Current Knowledge, and Implementation of Welfare for Farm Animals / R. Kilgour (243 KB)

Download The Attainment of Humane Housing for Farm Livestock / D.G.M. Wood-Gush (138 KB)

Download The Recognition and Alleviation of Pain in Animals / P.A. Flecknell (254 KB)

Download T-61 Use in Euthanasia of Domestic Animals: A Survey / A.N. Rowan (102 KB)

Download Ethical Aspects of Animal Experimentation / W. Scharmann (63 KB)

Download Animal Pain / B. Rollin (243 KB)

Download Three Blind Mice, See How They Run: A Critique of Behavioral Research With Animals / M.A. Giannelli (954 KB)

Download Alternatives to Aversive Procedures With Animals in the Psychology Teaching Setting / J.A. Kelly (295 KB)

Download Anthroporphism is Not a Four-Letter Word / R. Lockwood (203 KB)

Download The Imbalance Between Experiment and Theory in Biology: The Need for Theory-Directed Modeling / M.L. Fidelman and D.C. Mikulecky (268 KB)

Download Applications of Laboratory Technology in the Evaluation of the Risk of Rabies Transmissions by Biting Dogs and Cats / D.C. Blenden, M.J. Torres-Anjel, and F.T. Satalowich (440 KB)

Download To Write a Theriatric Oath / G. Lockwood (80 KB)

Download Veterinary Conduct and Animal Welfare / H. Rozemond (216 KB)

Download The Green Movement: Implications for Animals / R. Hawkins (225 KB)

Download Human Perceptions of Animals and Animal Awareness: The Cultural Dimension / E.A. Lawrence (163 KB)

Download Is Man's Infliction of Suffering on Animals Immoral? / R.F. Welborn (98 KB)


This second volume of papers dealing with scientific and ethical aspects of animal welfare covers a variety of topics and areas of investigation. It will be of particular interest to those readers seeking more insight into such subjects as farm animal welfare and humane husbandry systems; animal experimentation, especially in the field of psychology; and pain in animals, notably its recognition and alleviation.

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The Humane Society of the United States


Washington, DC


Animal Experimentation and Research | Animal Sciences | Animal Studies

Advances in Animal Welfare Science 1985/86