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It took almost two decades of dedicated struggle and hundreds of thousands of dollars, but we finally did it! The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), with the help of our members, other organizations, and local humane groups, succeeded in getting New Jersey to outlaw the steel-jaw, leghold trap! By the fall of 1985, it will be illegal for anyone to manufacture, sell, possess, or use the trap in that state. New Jersey's wildlife will be able to roam the woodlands and bogs free from the threat of trap-caused mutilation or death.

As monumental as New Jersey's victory is, many struggles lie before us. We are tackling the trappers on the federal level and we plan to intensify our many efforts to help local organizations outlaw the steel-jaw, leghold trap in their own states. We may have more work ahead of us in New Jersey, as well. We can't let down our guard until the new law goes into effect in 1985 because the trappers will probably work to defeat it in the next year and a half. We cannot doubt that they will try to sabotage this attempt to halt their exploitation of wildlife.