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Summer 1966


  • Humanitarian Awards presented at annual meeting
  • Frank McMahon describes investigations, raids, to membership
  • Mrs. Lodge to represent HSUS(CB) in Europe
  • HSUS(CB) data prompts Consumer Protection Commissioner action to halt Easter pet sales
  • New dog warden in Stamford, a new shelter next?
  • Fairfield County Animal Rescue League
  • HSUS Committee formed in Wilton
  • New Milford Animal Welfare League
  • HSUS and the Norwalk cats
  • Granby's grim pound closed through HSUS(CB) member's effort
  • HSUS(CB) People and Events
  • Rodeo cruelty exposed by HSUS(CB)
  • Humanitarians win victory in Monroe
  • HSUS(CB) officers, directors and advisors chosen
  • Kennel club and horse show exhibits scheduled
  • HSUS to hold pre-Broadway theater benefit
  • Progress in federal legislation
  • Raining cats and dogs
  • Animal Welfare League of New Have host to humanitarians and conservationists
  • HSUS(CB) member saves stray starving horse
  • Get that license number!
  • HSUS(CB) lost pet reward notices
  • Quail survey needed
  • Highway slaughter survey
  • Live animal experiments by school children -- a continuing cruelty