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Summer 1971


  • Endangered Species Bill signed in state law
  • We win again. No Sunday hunting
  • No more bounties on Connecticut wildlife
  • Anti-cruelty law is strengthened
  • National issues concern us
  • Make room for the animals
  • Progress on our own HSUS(CB) Norma Terris Humane Education and Nature Center
  • By-laws revision approved
  • Officers, Directors elected
  • Scholarship awards
  • HSUS(CB) commendation to high school journalist
  • Wilton "Aid" wins shelter campaign
  • Norma Terris to star in annual benefit October 2nd
  • Westport bans hunting, trapping
  • The dreadful death of Mini-Gabe
  • In Memoriam -- Mini-Gabe 1971
  • Unknown cat killer presents danger says Mrs. Anderson
  • What they don't know will hurt them
  • Proliferation of pet shops
  • "Who did this?"
  • Training retarded people for animal care work
  • Meeting with school superintendents
  • In Memoriam [Admiral Thomas C. Hart, Miss Frances McCook]
  • HSUS(CB) Lost Dog Reward notices
  • HSUS(CB) Director Mrs. Matthew Griswold
  • HSUS National Conference