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Fall 1969


  • Sunday Bow-And-Arrow Deer Hunting Bill defeated!
  • Other animal welfare victories on the legislative front
  • All signals "GO" for state Humane Education Center
  • Norm Terris gives more land for Center
  • HSUS(CB) Annual Meeting
  • HSUS(CB) Humanitarian of the Year Award winner
  • HSUS(CB) Scholarship
  • HSUS(CB) Kindness Awards
  • Bank President joins directors
  • Retired Admiral and Kennel Club official have been named to the HSUS(CB) Advisory Board
  • Fifth Annual HSUS Benefit
  • Bring 'em back alive. Tattoo your dog!
  • Bridgeport battle won
  • Shelter construction
  • Rogers-Javits Bill for laboratory animal care
  • HSUS streamlines administration
  • HSUS National Conference
  • Joey was jilted until HSUS(CB) came to the rescue
  • Cruelty has always been present -- There must be an answer -- Children are the key
  • New voice on phone
  • Canine Control Officers
  • Obligations and rights of cats
  • Fall membership meeting
  • HSUS(CB) Lost Dog Reward notices
  • Volunteers are wanted
  • Interest in animal welfare in Connecticut
  • News clippings are needed
  • People outside the humane movement