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Summer 1972


  • HSUS surplus-animal film reaches thousands of Connecticut high school students and teachers
  • The show's the thing
  • Old Lyme acquiring land for new pound-shelter
  • Wilton Shelter wins support of Town Association
  • The Westport Pound-Shelter story
  • HSUS(CB) and HSUS (National) assist in air-transport cruelty case
  • What HSUS is all about
  • In Memoriam [Mr. Morton J. Newburger]
  • Write a letter and right a wrong
  • In the Do-It-Yourself Corner
  • A house is not a home for a pet abandoned therein
  • Here are some examples of letters: [Praise with a plea animal stories, Winning public support, Satire - Hunters ridiculed]
  • The leghold trap
  • Well done thou good and faithful servant
  • HSUS(CB) action halts bullfight advertising
  • Humane Education and Nature Center progresses. Memorial funds requested
  • Animal artifacts sought for HSUS(CB) Museum
  • Running scared
  • Keep HSUS informed
  • HSUS(CB) scholarship winner in fulltime animal-care and humane education career
  • All too often the passage of a good animal protective law is followed by sloppy enforcement
  • HSUS Lost Dog Reward notices
  • Flea collars: bane or blessing
  • Annual Meeting and Dinner to feature speech and film on animal welfare