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Fall 2001


  • CSRO helps with huge cockfighting raid
  • HSUS responds to Minnesota disasters
  • Illinois legislative update: S.B. 629 (security bonds to reimburse shelters for costs incurred in large confiscation cases, psychological counseling for animal hoarders and juveniles convicted of cruelty, increased penalties for cruelty and neglect), H.B. 2391 (The Humane Euthanasia in Animal Shelters Act), H.B. 2440, S.B. 653
  • Tennessee legislative update: S.B. 194 (The Non-Livestock Humane Death Act)
  • Minnesota legislative update: H.F. 1469 (authorizes counties to offer bounties for destruction of coyotes)
  • CSRO staff take part in focus groups
  • Director's Report: So much going on (Phil Snyder)