David Wiebers and Valery Feigin, What the COVID-19 crisis is telling humanity


I briefly recap the messages of the target article by Wiebers & Feigin (2020) and the accompanying peer commentaries about what we learn from the COVID-19 pandemic. Using the rapid evolution of viruses as an example of the importance of prevention, I explore why it is difficult for our species to foresee and prevent unintended global changes resulting from human activity. I end with a discussion about the long-term future, the ultimate problem inherent in our current mindset and the structure of our economy: growth.

Author Biography

Robert Gerlai is John Carlin Roder Distinguished Professor in Behavioural Neuroscience, Department of Psychology, University of Toronto Mississauga. He has received the Research Excellence Award from University of Toronto, the Distinguished Scientist Award from IBANGS and the Outstanding Achievement Award from IBNS, for which he has also served as its president. Website