Adrian Treves, Francisco J. Santiago-Ávila, and William S. Lynn, Just preservation


Treves et al. (2019) propose a non-anthropocentric approach to conservation biology for the ‘just preservation’ of non-humans. Some of our current ways of ranking conservation efforts based on benefits to humans are indeed critically flawed, but we doubt that a completely non-anthropocentric approach is possible at this time. We propose a way to generate public support for those non-human species that may otherwise be overlooked in policy-making and conservation efforts.

Author Biography

Scarlett R. Howard is a postdoctoral research fellow at Deakin University with an interest in science communication. Her research explores conceptual learning, neurobiology, and visual perception in honeybees as well as insect diversity, pollinator preferences, and plant-pollinator interactions. Website

Adrian G. Dyer, Research Fellow at RMIT University and Monash University, studies comparative animal cognition and visual ecology as well as digital modelling for resource management. Website