Colin A. Chapman and Michael A. Huffman, Why do we want to think humans are different?


The other commentators on Chapman & Huffman (2018) have pointed out in different ways that despite our biological nature, there is a widespread tendency for humans to believe that we are not only superior to animals, but that we are not animals at all. Alongside our denial of animal sentience and cognition, this has resulted in the denial of our own instinctive natures. It is this denial that is our error, for it is only by understanding our true natural heritage that we can begin to change the runaway path we are on.

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Ila France Porcher began observing wildlife behaviour early in life and initially painted her subjects to finance her studies in ethology. She began writing books about the intelligent awareness of wild animals after the community of sharks she was studying in French Polynesia was massacred for shark fin soup. Website