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Welfarism prioritizes human interests over the needs of nonhuman animals. Despite decades of welfare efforts other animals are mostly worse off than ever before, being subjected to increasingly invasive and harmful treatments, especially in the factory farming and biomedical research areas. A legal rights-based approach is essential in order for other animals to be protected from the varying ethical whims of our species.

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Lori Marino marinolori@outlook.com, neuroscientist, former faculty affiliate at the Emory Center for Ethics and Executive Director of the Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy, has authored over 100 publications on dolphin and whale brain evolution and anatomy, intelligence and self-awareness, and the effects of captivity on social mammals, including cetaceans, elephants and primates. She worked with the Nonhuman Rights Project and is featured in the film Blackfish. http://www.kimmela.org