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Ng (2016) argues for incremental welfare biology partly because it would be impossible to demonstrate conclusively that animals are sentient. He argues that low cost changes in industrial practices and working collaboratively may be more effective in advancing animal welfare than more adversarial approaches. There is merit in some of Ng’s recommendations but a number of his arguments are, in my view, misdirected. The fact that nonhuman animals feel has already been adequately demonstrated. Cruelty to animals is intrinsic to some industries, so the only way to oppose it is to oppose the industry.

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Simon Leadbeater simon.leadbeater@btinternet.com is an independent consultant and researcher. He has written for the Ecologist, the Voluntary Sector Review, Hertfordshire Life, The Quarterly Journal of Forestry, and ECOS, the Journal of the British Association of Nature Conservationists. His book, The Politics of Textiles, based on his doctoral research, was published by Sage Publications. His main challenge lies in restoring an ancient woodland. http://priorsenvironmental.com