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Brian Key, Why fish do not feel pain


Key’s (2016) target article provides some strong arguments but also makes some logical mistakes. The arguments are not sufficient to support a definite conclusion that fish cannot feel pain. A multi-faceted perspective taking into account brain structure, chemical secretion in brain, animal behavior, and evolutionary biology may be useful and appears, at least in some aspects, to suggest the opposite conclusion from that of the target article.

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Yew-Kwang Ng ykng@ntu.edu.sg is Winsemius professor in economics at Nanyang Technological University. He is a fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia and Distinguished Fellow of the Economic Society of Australia. Yew-Kwang’s recent books include: Common Mistakes in Economics by the Public, Students, Economists and Nobel Laureates (open access); and Happinessism. http://www.ntu.edu.sg/home/ykng/