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Open Commentary


Reber’s Cellular Basis of Consciousness (CBC) has much to recommend it. However, while the CBC effectively renders null any ontological gap between mind and body, it leaves two important remaining gaps unaddressed: the epistemologic and the causal gap. Brakel’s (2013) Diachronic Conjunctive Token Physicalism (DiCoToP) is briefly introduced as a beginning remedy for the epistemologic, but unfortunately not the causal, gap. Thus the “hard problem” remains both hard and problematic.

Author Biography

Linda A.W. Brakel is a psychoanalyst and an adjunct faculty member in Psychiatry and Philosophy at the University of Michigan. Her work is interdisciplinary, at the intersection of philosophy of action, philosophy of mind, and psychoanalysis. Brakel is the author of three (and co-author/co-editor of three more) books and about 50 academic articles. https://lsa.umich.edu/philosophy/people/affiliated-scholars/brakel.html