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Harnad (2016) presents an engaging and persuasive argument that stakes out the aims and domain of the fledgling journal, Animal Sentience. As an inaugural editorial, it does this job masterfully, but it does so from a perspective that tends to treat mental states in an overly general manner and that makes hard distinctions between mental and behavioral phenomena. I argue that when it comes to animal minds, it might be more helpful to think of mental concepts in a more piecemeal way that also retains the intrinsic relation between mind and behavior.

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Tim Racine is Associate Professor of History, Quantitative and Theoretical Psychology at Simon Fraser University. His scholarly interests concern the application of conceptual analysis to psychology and allied disciplines, the use of evolutionary theory in psychology, and the development of social cognition and related capacities in human and nonhuman primates. http://www.sfu.ca/psychology/about/faculty/racine.html