Serial - All Animals 2009-15

Volume 15 | Issue 6 (NOV / DEC 2013)



To the Rescue

367 dogs rescued in multi-state bust of fighting operations; Hazel the goat gets her legs back; Spuds eludes capture; fledgling helped back to the nest


Front Lines

Coalition Fights for Maine Bears; Farmer to Farmer; Champion for Shelter Dogs; Signs of the Times; Standing Up for U.K. Badgers; Client Pays It Forward


We Are The HSUS

Donors, Staff, and Volunteers in Action


On the Way Back

In an era of mass extinctions, there are reasons for hope. During the last half-century, human interventions have helped species thought forever lost or diminished overcome threats from habitat loss and disease to bounty hunting and pollution.


Demystifying the Feline Mystique

In her new book The Cat Whisperer, behaviorist Mieshelle Nagelschneider shares lifesaving insights into the fascinating minds of these essentially wild beings: their champion-survivor behaviors, their vast differences from dogs, their philosophical patron (hint: It’s not Dr. Phil).


Real Comfort

For our first Meatless Monday recipe contest, HSUS supporters shared their best comfort food concoctions. We cooked up a storm and chose four mouth-watering recipes to sustain readers through the long days of winter.



Veggie Pride

Washington Post food editor Joe Yonan slowly evolved from a meat-heavy childhood and a career on the barbecue circuit to a vegetarian diet, the topic of his new weekly column.


Humane Living

Money Talks

Whether avoiding companies that harm animals or investing in ones that help them, sustainable and responsible investing means you can watch your money grow and do right by animals.

In the Limelight

“Everybody should rescue a dog”: In a new Shelter Pet Project PSA, Paul Shaffer and daughter Victoria describe why adoption is good for the soul.


Hometown Heroes

A Happier Home

Tampa’s Big Cat Rescue provides sanctuary to lynx, bobcats, and other exotic animals rescued from abysmal situations such as backyard pens and roadside zoos.


Your Pet

Inside the Rat Pack

Forget everything you thought you knew about rats: They’re clean, they’re smart, and they want to be your best friend.


Celebrating Animals

Photos from our readers