Serial - All Animals 2009-15

Volume 15 | Issue 2 (MAR / APR 2013)



To the Rescue

Duck, duck, no longer loose; new life for hoarded dogs


Front Lines

Planned Pigeonhood; Comeback Cat; Fashion Forward Student; Lives on the Line; All in for Olive Ridleys; Biology Lessons Reformed


No-Fly Zone

Their beauty, charm, and humanlike qualities have helped make parrots one of the most popular pets in America. But the very traits that endear them to us make them incompatible for most homes.


Can’t Judge a Bull by the Cover

Maryland pet owners and advocates have struck back against a one-size-fits-all court ruling that labeled pit bulls and their crossbreeds “inherently dangerous”—with dramatic consequences for beloved pets.


Changing Lives Crate by Crate

Unable to continue ignoring public sentiment, pork producers and the food industry are heeding The HSUS’s call to free breeding sows from inhumane confinement.



Science for Elephants

“It’s a high profit, low risk industry that is totally out of hand”: Researcher combats poaching with cutting-edge techniques that trace seized ivory to elephant populations.


My Bird-Shaped Heart

How a childhood pet inspired an advocate's career.


Humane Living

Buzz On!

Through planning your garden thoughtfully and providing places for bees to hole up, you can transform your backyard into a wonderland for nature’s workhorse, the busy— and vulnerable—pollinator.

Recipe Box

Talkin’ Tofurky: Get your party on with these colorful faux-meat pinwheels.

In the Limelight

Survivor’s Jenna Morasca fights horse slaughter, advocates for pits, and promotes disaster prep for pets; book reviews.


Hometown Heroes

On the Edge

In a town bordering the California wilderness, advocates lead rally against a coyote trapping program.


Your Pet

Kneading Attention

Pet massage therapy can aid healing for a range of conditions, from stiff joints and surgical recovery to separation anxiety and past trauma.


Celebrating Animals

Photos from our readers