Serial - All Animals 2009-15

Volume 15 | Issue 1 (JAN / FEB 2013)



To the Rescue

Special Report: Superstorm Sandy


Front Lines

Adoptions In, Puppy Mills Out; Freedom for Research Chimps; Building Lion-Proof Corrals; Signs of the Times; Fighting Cruelty in North Dakota; An Officer and a Gentle Man; Street Dog Snapshot; Tag Team for Disaster Prep; Quoted: “An Unstoppable Machine”


Taking It to the Streets

“It’s real people working for real people”: The HSUS’s Pets for Life program brings spay/neuter, dog training, and compassion to individuals who lack access to pet care services but would do anything for their best friends.


Hope in a Land of War and Want

In war-ravaged Afghanistan, a modest shelter provides sanctuary to animals who have never known freedom from fear—and plants seeds of change in a culture where pity is scant for the creatures wandering the streets.


The Man with a Plan

One day, he might be saving tortoises or feral cats from the bulldozer; the next, he might be headed to a far-flung locale to help animals after a disaster. Such is the life of The HSUS’s Dave Pauli, animal rescuer extraordinaire.



Humane Jane (Velez-Mitchell)

HLN host tackles hard-hitting topics: “When it comes to animals, we’re behaving in an unsustainable fashion, and we have to change.”


Humane Living

Berry Bonanza

From black cherry to juniper, get the skinny on the plump, delicious native fruits that backyard wildlife love.

Recipe Box

Read how ultramarathoner Scott Jurek fuels his fire, then warm up a frosty night with his Minnesota winter chili.

In the Limelight

Jill Rappaport reflects on her work as the Today show’s animal correspondent; new Facebook game spreads the joy; Woodstock farm sanctuary cofounder releases memoir.


Hometown Heroes

A Place in the Sun

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League goes beyond arm’s reach to help animals outside its Florida community


Your Pet

Picture Perfect

Get tips from the pros on capturing the perfect shot of your furred or feathered companion.


Celebrating Animals

Photos from our readers