Serial - All Animals 2009-15

Volume 14 | Issue 5 (SEP / OCT 2012)



Front Lines

HSI Fights Factory Farming in Mexico; Compassionate Designers Rock the Runway; Breeders Speak Out Against Puppy Mills; Investigation Uncovers Illegal Dog Fur Trade; Signs of the Times


Faces of the Animal Protection Movement

A hospital pathologist, a retired middle school teacher, a government veterinarian: Read about these and other “ordinary” people doing extraordinary work for animals.


The Healing Ground

In a high desert town in Southern California, The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center provides an oasis for wildlife in need, from orphaned bobcats to injured birds of prey. On any given day, resident animals are basking in sanctuary life while rehab patients are arriving, graduating to the next level of care, or being released—all part of a cycle of hope and healing that goes on 365 days a year.


Backyard Harmony

When the deer are decimating the daffodils and the groundhogs are hogging all the greens, what’s a humane gardener to do? HSUS supporters give tips for peaceably protecting your share of nature’s bounty.



P.S. I Love You

Actor and animal advocate Michael Vartan explains what inspired him to write a love letter to his chocolate Labrador—and why sharing his life with a dog makes him a better person.


Humane Living

Grow with the Flow

By harnessing nature’s plumbing system, rain gardens protect species that rely on local waterways. Learn how you can help keep rain where it belongs with a simple garden design that also enhances your yard’s wildlife appeal.

Recipe Box

Lunch box special: With a little flair, healthy meals can be fun and kid-friendly. Cook up a hit this Halloween with native blend popcorn balls, served with some spooky delights.

In the Limelight

Philanthropist and fashion editor Amanda Hearst takes on puppy mills; three recent books highlight canine heroism in the aftermath of 9/11.


Your Pet

Litter-ly Speaking

When your cat forgoes the litter box, he’s letting you know that something is wrong in his world. Dig into the reasons behind inappropriate elimination, and learn how to decipher the message behind the misdeed.


Celebrating Animals

Photos from our readers