Serial - All Animals 2009-15

Volume 14 | Issue 4 (JUL / AUG 2012)



Front Lines

The Numbers Behind Canada’s Seal Hunt; Gestation Crate Conversions; Fooling Nature’s Engineers; Signs of the Times; Exotic Exposé


Lightening the Load

At Haitian clinics for working equines, a veterinary team encounters malnutrition and saddle sores—and owners willing to wait in line for hours to learn about proper care and treatment.


Back to the Land

“Industrial agriculture is always living in fear of itself, of the next food scare,” says Iowa pig farmer Jude Becker. he and a growing number of farmers are joining a revolution to refocus food production on animal welfare and teach consumers the truth about what they’re eating.


A Killer Show

An excerpt from the forthcoming book Death at SeaWorld takes a hard-hitting look at the marine mammal display industry in the wake of the February 2010 trainer death at SeaWorld Orlando.



On the Right Track

Race car drivers Leilani Münter and Cory Joyce are merging animal advocacy with life in the fast lane.


Humane Living

Taking the High Road

Combining a love for animals with the urge to get away from it all, humane travelers enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Recipe Box

Hot off the grill: Father of four serves up sweet ‘n’ sour skewers

In the Limelight

The Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder; book review, wildlife stamp


Hometown Heroes

Stay Awhile

Doggie day care owner gives adoptable animals a place to lay their heads: ”We don’t go anywhere without bringing [back] at least one dog who needs a home.”


Your Pet

Junk in the Trunk

Even just a few extra pounds on your fabulous feline can have serious health consequences. if your kitty looks more beach ball than bikini model, it’s time for that four-letter word: diet! But take heart; if 34-pound Otto can do it, anyone can.


Celebrating Animals

Photos from our readers