Serial - All Animals 2009-15

Volume 14 | Issue 3 (MAY / JUN 2012)



Coyotes Among Us

“If coyotes want to live in cities, they’re going to live in cities,” says researcher Stanley Gehrt. Animal advocates, scientists, and government officials are eschewing lethal methods in favor of changing our own behavior as the best hope for coexistence with this adaptable predator.


Front Lines

Hoarding Victims Find Homes; Hen Bill Hatches on the Hill; No Future for Pig Crates; Out of the Ruins in Japan; Signs of the Times


As Seen on TV

Director of The HSUS’s Animal Content in Entertainment program, Jonny Vasic puts his producer creds to good use in Tinseltown, bringing animal advocacy themes to movies, TV shows, and other forms of media.


You Had Me at Dum-Diddle-Dum-Dum

The unprepossessing little pup at the city shelter “spoke their language,” so the happy young couple took her home. Confrontations with a domineering trainer, lots of sleepless nights, and the evolution of a unique dictionary ensued.



Jackson Galaxy Rocker-turned-feline expert Jackson Galaxy says he’s never met a cat he couldn’t help and proves it in dramatic fashion on My Cat from Hell.


Humane Living

Happily Humane Ever After

Meet compassionate couples whose weddings celebrate their commitment not just to each other but to animals as well— and read about a wedding planner with a special talent.

Recipe Box

Chocolate-dipped strawberries with whipped vanilla bean cream

In the Limelight

Roy and Brandy Halladay; reviews


Hometown Heroes

Arthur Benjamin and Cathy Kangas

HSUS National Council members help reunite soldiers with the strays they befriended in Afghanistan.


Your Pet

Welcome to Hamsterdam

These charming pint-sized pets require interaction and variety, plus appropriate housing and supplies, to keep them healthy and happy.


Celebrating Animals

Photos from our readers