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Humans have been in the pest control business for a long time. At least 3 major foci of pest control activity currently can be found in governmental and private sectors, with private services focused on both traditional commensal rodent work as well as the more recent control of “nuisance” wildlife in cities and towns. Beyond the traditional approaches and techniques historically employed, animal damage managers are increasingly faced with the challenge of addressing the social context within which their work occurs. An ever-increasing variety of stakeholders have brought new concerns, new thinking, and new approaches to the table in a field that formerly received little if any, public input. A significant, perhaps the most significant, challenge for wildlife damage managers in the future is how to better engage their programs in the pluralistic and often confrontational environments of contemporary wildlife damage management.


Paper presented at the 14th Wildlife Damage Management Conference (April 18-21, 2011, Nebraska City, NE)